The 3 Minute Run

Tonight was great. I have to say I was very nervous about the 3 minute run. I am in no way a runner. Even when I did the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. I still didn’t think I was a runner, and that has been many years and a few injuries ago.

So I get this crazy idea in my head that I want to try to run again. Not sure why since I never liked it in the first place. But I’m kind of a glutton for punishment. I see all these people out there looking awesome and think. What’s wrong with me? Why do I hate this? Well I had some time to think
about it out there tonight in the dark and cold (it is California, so that’s relative) and I think the reason I hate it is because It’s HORRIBLE. No really, it is! After a while I really wanted to stop. But the damn timer went off before I did. I just ran 3 whole minutes without realizing it. I made it. I did it. That’s awesome! …..Oh no. Who said that? Ok so it was still kind of horrible. But I feel super accomplished. I know that if I stick with this couch to 5k program I might just be a runner after all.

I am truly blessed to have a few awesome people along for our first round of Couch to 5K training. I promise to fill you in on all of them as we progress. Though we are all at different levels. We are having a great time getting through these first few weeks.

Now I’m going to go sleep like the dead. Another plus in the workout category. Yay!

Good Night