“The ugly truth about chain gyms” 85% of chain gym members are working out incorrectly and nearly ALL new members learn from watching current members. Chain gyms get you in, sign you up, and basically forget about you. They play the odds, the odds that the great majority of new members will stay for a few months, get frustrated, hurt, or bored and just stop going. Here’s the best part… since they only charge $30.00-$40.00 dollars a month, they figure you won’t mind the monthly debit and in fact you’ll probably decide to “hold on” to the membership in case you decide to come back? You get zero attention (unless you drop $60.00 an hour on a college age trainer who’s more concerned with looking for his next client, than the one in front of him) So, here’s the skinny (so to speak) you pay $720.00 for 12 sessions (1 month/12 hours) and they show you some stuff, and then turn ya’ loose out on the floor knowing full well only 12% of you will actually come more than once a week. That’s why they have 4000 members (research it) What if they all showed on the same day? They know it won’t happen, but ALL 4000 keep paying each month… and there ya’ go. You are simply paying for “rock waterfalls, shiny new equipment, movie theaters, salt water swimming pools, eucalyptus saunas, and high rent locations”… and they just keep opening more gyms “in the name of fitness“. barbell t front At TDF INC. that same $720.00 will get you over 5 MONTHS (120 hours or 10 times the amount of sessions) of better training, 7 chiropractic adjustments, nutrition consults, no crowds, no attitudes, no posers and a team of people to rely on. Which do you think will be more beneficial? The most fit humans on earth are athletes, that is not arguable. If you want to be the best human machine you can be, it’s time to train like an athlete. Athletes don’t care about “location” or “movie theatres”. We’ve studied the greatest athletes on earth and taken the common denominators from each as far as their individual fitness routines go. These routines include everything from pilates to weightlifting to yoga, plyometrics (jump training) various martial arts, boxing, dance, nutrition, cardio and regular chiropractic adjustments. Variety is the key to becoming the most complete and efficient machine you can be. It’s time to get to work. Come visit our 3100 sq. ft. facility and “Witness the Evolution of Fitness-TDF INC.



Our mission is to help our clients achieve the most physically, mentally balanced body possible, while at the same time teaching how to properly fuel the body. A balanced, agile body is a body that will allow you to move throughout and enjoy your life as smoothly as possible. A properly balanced body is attainable at any age, and the more balanced your body is, the more balanced your mind will be. A fit, balanced, agile body will naturally stay at a healthy weight, reduce the possibility of injury, and will run more efficiently. Athletes are the definition of this in that they are balanced, strong, lean, powerful, agile and centered. You too, can be all of these.

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