5K Success

It was an amazing, if a bit windy day! Our Fit Fun Family 5K wet off without a hitch really. We were thrilled to have such a great turn out. Everyone did so well. So thrilled to see our friends accomplish more than they ever thought they could. Truly proud of the hard work put […]

First TDFINC Fit Family Fun 5K

So excited for tomorrow. Weather should be good. We have our obstacles set and we are as ready as we can be. But I feel like I’m forgetting everything! Should be crazy. Stay tuned for highlights from our big day. ūüôā D

Fit Family Fun 5K

So it’s finally here. Our couch to 5K training program comes to an end. We worked really hard and now we have our sights set on Saturday. Come join us as we do things we were not capable of just 9 weeks ago. This Saturday March 8 @ 8:30 am. We take off. Hope to […]

The 3 Minute Run

Tonight was great. I have to say I was very nervous about the 3 minute run. I am in no way a runner. Even when I did the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. I still didn’t think I was a runner, and that has been many years and a few injuries ago. So I get this […]

Here we go again

Hey There, So here we are. ¬†I’m trying really hard to convert this on to my iPad so it could actually be a daily Blog. ¬†Just to lazy to go sit at the gym to get this done. ¬†But I’m here today so I thought I better catch up. Couch to 5K has been going […]

It got harder, so we got better.

So the run was a little harder on Monday, aint gonna lie. ¬†But we did increase the run time, so I guess it evens out. ¬†Hoping tomorrow will be a little easier. ¬†Did some Zumba for cross training tonight. ¬†Got a good sweat going and I think I’m gonna sleep good tonight. ¬†Up early for […]

Just keep running…in Simi Valley

So last week we accomplished our first week of Couch to 5K. ¬†I am happy that we have grown as group since we started last Monday. ¬†Kids and dog along for the run. ¬†It’s been a great time. This week we kick it up a notch. ¬†A little bit longer on the runs, but a […]

Next time you get really frustrated…

Hey There, So here we are again in Blog land. Having done 2 of our couch to 5K trainings ¬†now I can truly say I may be able to accomplish this! ¬†I’m really excited that we have had new people show up each practice. ¬†I hope that some of you out there are trying it […]

Happy New Year from your Sim Valley Fitness Trainer!

Hello Everyone, This is D, and this is my very first attempt at a “Daily Blog” or at least, almost daily. This year I am going to try to get more of you inspired to get to the gym, and outdoors to put your TDF INC. training to good use! So here goes. ¬†First of […]

Arthritis Management Can Include Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual practice that millions enjoy today for its many physical and mental benefits. Yoga may bring some relief to people who have arthritis or similar diseases. Of the many different kinds of yoga, Hatha yoga is considered gentle. The different gentle body poses are coupled with breathing and relaxation techniques. […]