All Fitness Facilities are NOT the same!

Be sure your “trainer” (or at least he or she giving out directions) is certified. Many people nowadays are simply running “bootcamps” in the local parks barking out instructions at the top of their lungs, screaming and yelling at you and they themselves couldn’t answer the question “why are you making me do this?” Certified […]

Diet Sodas? Aspartame! YUCK!

Most of you probably already know this, but… most artificial sweeteners cause autoimmune response effects which can increase inflammation around the body and therefor, worsen Fibro symptoms. Easily the #1 thing you must cut from your diet completely – if you haven’t already – is artificial sweeteners. READ PRODUCT LABELS FOR: Aspartame, neotame, sucralose, saccharin, […]

Sports drinks??? Maybe not?

FYI, if you have young athletes or you are active. When competing or during an intensive workout sodium is lost (sweat) It needs to be replaced, water doesn’t do it. Water refreshes, makes the mind think the body is being re hydrated. The sugar content of the top sports drinks is ridiculous. NO NEED for […]

Post workout, wutcha’ doin’?

Don’t let that workout go to waste. Be sure and fuel your body AFTER your workout as well or you will not see the positive results you’re striving for. Protein is essential to muscle growth. Research the various types of protein supplements on the market and make an educated decision as to what is best […]

You’re eating all wrong!

Here ya’ go, this just about explains it to the point! Your dietary habits are all wrong, things have changed BIGTIME… read this.

Plant based protein powders…

Plant based protein powders are a fantastic alternative to Whey (animal based) when it comes to your overall health. Here is a basic article describing the differences between the two.

Plant based diets, whats up?

Here is a wonderful article on Plant Based Diets and how they can vastly improve your health and weight loss routine. I am personally looking into this more and more as the information leads me to believe this may be the way to go. PS: they make plant based protein powders as well for those […]

10 things about squats

great article here about squats. Very informative, goodstuff.

Diet Coke? Let’s hope not.

This one is for everybody on the “ya , but it’s diet coke” bandwagon…

understanding carbs…

Always a source of confusion for most people, the carb. Heres some info that’ll help ya figure it all out.