Happy New Year from your Sim Valley Fitness Trainer!

Hello Everyone,

This is D, and this is my very first attempt at a “Daily Blog” or at least, almost daily.

This year I am going to try to get more of you inspired to get to the gym, and outdoors to put your TDF INC. training to good use!

So here goes.  First of all, what’s going on at TDF INC. ? Well, we added 3 classes for the new year.  All classes start at 7:30 pm,  all classes are $5.00 and open to the public.  That gives you a chance to bring a friend to the club to check us out.  Working out with buddies just makes things more fun.  On Tuesday we have Neon Zumba with your truly, dancin’ with Latin rhythms and some old favorites mixed in.  Wednesdays belong to Tony Villalobos and his Rockin’ Body Workout, sure to get you Hot and Sweaty.  Then on Thursday I will bring you Core Stretch Fusion, a combination of Pilates based core and lower back strengthening and deep stretching to regain lost flexibility, or just find some.  Come check out a class instead of watching that show this week!  Small healthy changes in routine make for big changes in your mind and body.

This week we started our Couch to 5K.  This is a 9 week course that does exactly what it says.  Gets you off the couch and trains you to run a 5K . If you ever wanted to get into running this is the perfect way to start.  Non Competitive, fun and FREE!  We meet out front of TDF INC.  Monday Wednesday and Friday at 6pm for 30 minutes.  This works perfectly if you take the 5 or 6:30 class.  This is a great way to get cardio into your current routine.

Look for our very own TDF INC. 5K in early March.  Should be a great time.  Until then, keep up with what you are doing, and start making small healthy changes to your routine every day.  Think about one thing you could either do, or Not do this week that could make you a healthier you.  Then, go try to make that a new habit.

In Good Health,