Kourtney Kingsmore

Hi, my name is Kourtney Kingsmore and I am a member at TDF. I just graduated class of 2013 from Royal High School and am now off to play college soccer at Chapman University. I first began training with Scott Keller 3 months ago with the goal of transforming into a much stronger athlete. Strength had always been a weaker part of my game. Prior to training at TDF, I had grown accustom to getting pushed around a little by much bigger and stronger athletes on the soccer field. I would avoid most >contact by outrunning these girls with my speed, but on occasion, I would get caught battling body to body for the ball and the fight would always seem to end with me getting thrown off the ball. However, after just 3 short months of training at TDF, the tables have turned and I am no longer the one getting pushed around on the soccer field. I am now finding myself winning battles for the ball against girls that are twice my size! Not only have I become stronger, but I have also developed confidence in my ability to hold my own on the field. My game has improved drastically now that I am able to combine my newfound strength and confidence with my speed. Switching my chain gym membership to TDF was the best decision I could have made. Thanks to Scott, I feel more than prepared to step up to the next level of soccer in college. I have thoroughly enjoyed training at TDF. Scott and his staff as well as other members at TDF are extremely genuine, down to earth people. Training with such benevolent people while blasting some good workout music throughout the gym creates a lively and inspiring environment that promotes hard work. Check out Training Day Fitness, you’ll be so glad you did!