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Athletic Based Fitness

I’m not so much a fan of the realm of athletics as much as I am of the athletes themselves. I went back over the last 30 years and studied some of the worlds’ best athletes to find out what makes them tick? What is it that they do that keeps their bodies running at the most efficient level possible? Here’s what I found. Variety is the key component. They mix it up, not one of them “lives” in just one world. They are constantly bombarding their bodies and minds on a daily basis with a variety of commands, actions, reactions and somewhat strenuous physical activity. Couple that with regular chiropractic adjustments and a healthy approach to eating and there you go. In a nutshell, “they’re doing a lot of stuff”…They’re not just inhabiting the body, they’re using it. These individuals are the seekers of what the human body was built for, and they power forward everyday in search of it. They are athletes…and it makes no difference if you’re a current athlete, an ex athlete or never were an athlete at all …”It’s Time to Train like one”

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