Next time you get really frustrated…

Hey There,

So here we are again in Blog land.

Having done 2 of our couch to 5K trainings  now I can truly say I may be able to accomplish this!  I’m really excited that we have had new people show up each practice.  I hope that some of you out there are trying it at home as well.

It came to me today that fitness is about baby steps.  We have to make small changes that we can live with.  Trying to do it all at once is such a daunting task.  It makes the final goal such a tremendous undertaking that generally we stop before we ever get close.  So why do that? In this rush rush world, you need to stop and play!  Next time you get really frustrated, go take a walk.  One time around the block.  If you are still frustrated, keep going.  It will pass and while you are out there you may find a solution you hadn’t thought of in the heat of the moment.

Just something to think about

🙂 D.-