Sports drinks??? Maybe not?

FYI, if you have young athletes or you are active. When competing or during an intensive workout sodium is lost (sweat) It needs to be replaced, water doesn’t do it. Water refreshes, makes the mind think the body is being re hydrated. The sugar content of the top sports drinks is ridiculous. NO NEED for 51 teaspoons of sugar (28 ounce Gatorade) in ANY drink. Now, unless you are sweating your butt off, there is NO NEED for ANY sports drink. The caloric intake is fine “if you’re burning them (calories) while consuming or shortly thereafter” otherwise, stay the heck away from the sports drinks people. If it’s a household name, it is not good for you, period. Pedialyte is a much better solution for electrolyte replacement or, simply eat properly. Calories aren’t the culprit, it’s the massive dose of sugar. A calorie is just a unit of energy, which we need (as long as it’s consumed and burned) however, do whatever you can to avoid sugar. Research what sugar does to the body in large doses. For the record, 51 teaspoons of sugar is a MASSIVE dose.