TDF SPORT- Youth Athletes Fitness and Training

Training Day Fitness Inc. is very proud to work with a variety of local youth athletes. These athletes range in age from 8 years to 18 years and are trained in a much more specific manner to their chosen sport (or sports) At TDF SPORT, we, along with their own coaches design programs that best fit the athletes’ sport and skill level. We focus first on attaining balance, and then work our way to body mechanics and of course the increasing of speed and power. Mental focus is honed as well as we believe nothing else matters if the athlete is not mentally prepared for the challenges his or her sport may present on a daily basis. A better athlete often translates to a better child, a better student, and a more productive member of society.

Coach Scott Royal High Patriots Coach

With our pre-teen athletes we tend to stay away from most forms of weightlifting instead focusing on body weight routines, hand-eye coordination, increasing reflexes specific to position and fast twitch muscle enhancement.

As todays athletes spend more and more time on the field or court we realize that the more prepared they can be physically as well as mentally, the better they will perform, and the more their love of sport will grow. Just as a young person can be taught a foreign language, so to can their bodies be taught how to move properly in competition. This can reduce injuries and increase the overall enjoyment of sport.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any more questions about TDF SPORT such as pricing and availability. Simply scroll down to view our talented athletes, thank you… and long live sport.

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